Balayage is a French hair coloring technique. It’s a way of adding color to the hair without an all over color or traditional highlights. The result gives a subtle sun-kissed appearance to the hair.

It involves applying the color with a brush using painting motions throughout strategic sections of the hair. Unlike highlights, the color placement is more random to give a more natural and blended appearance.

If you like your existing hair color and are just looking to add more definition, balayage will give you flattering tones that help add texture.The result gives much more depth to the hair, especially if your hair is currently the same color all over and feels a little bland.

If you are not looking for a dramatic hair color change, balayage can create a difference without having to commit or face lots of damage and hassle trying to revert to your previous color.

Balayage is ideal for blending out existing colors, and can also be used to blend out roots without having to opt for an all over color. It’s an incredibly popular technique and is ideal for those who aren’t looking for a dramatic change, or don’t want to commit to regular root up-keep.

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